Everything you need to design your own custom Home Page and Web Site is just a few clicks away! There are hundreds of products available for web page development; however, we have selected our favorites to share with you!

Netscape Navigator 2.0 [] The Netscape Navigator is used by approximately 70% of "Web Surfers"; therefore, it is a good idea to design your pages to look good in Netscape. It is also an excellent tool for navigating the Web. You can download a free beta copy at the address above, or you can purchase a copy at computer retailers everywhere. Make sure you download the version that matches your operating system!

Other than the Navigator, there are two additional important tools and a few optional components that may make your life easier depending on your needs. Please consult the table below to see which tools are best for you!



Operating System

1. Microsoft Word 6.0a*
Word Processing Application
Windows 3.11
1. Microsoft Word 7.0
Word Processing Application
Windows '95
*the "a" patch is available online from Microsoft:
2. Word Assistant for Windows**
Editing Tool: text, inserting files, objects, pictures, etc.
Windows 3.11
2. Internet Assistant for Win95**
Editing Tool: text, inserting files, objects, pictures, etc.
Windows 95
**downloadable from Microsoft:


Word Viewer:

This document allows people who do not have Word installed on their computer to view Word Documents (.doc). Once it is installed on the "Surfer's" computer, they can view Word files and any other OLE objects that can be embedded in a Word document.

PowerPoint Viewer:

Serves the same function as the Word Viewer for PowerPoint files.

L-View Pro:

A graphics manipulation package which allows you to convert and format graphics to meet your needs.