In order to accommodate all of your needs, we offer two classes of service:

Basic and Exclusive


The Basic Service includes an account and access to your data via FTP and WWW servers. Your domain name will be an alias for the server name; therefore, your URL would appear as: or The Basic Service Package offers all of the features of the Exclusive Service except the address must display "wwz" before your name. The Basic Service Package includes daily logs and statistics regarding account access.


The Exclusive Service Package makes it appear that you have your own private computer on the Net, complete with its own domain name and IP address. In order to utilize the Exclusive Service Package,you must select an exclusive domain name, and it must be registered with the InterNIC Registration Authority. We will register your name on your behalf for a fee. Once registered, this exclusive address will appear to all who view it as an independent server. The addresses would appear as follows: or The name becomes your permanent property, and you may transfer it to other providers or use it for your own server at any time.