Icons, Bullets & Graphics greatly enhance your Web Pages. All of the icons above are Public Domain. This means that you may copy them and use them in your pages free of charge. You are Welcome to download and utilize our library [currently under construction]. While browsing the Web, you'll find many sites inviting you to download free graphics. If you've got them time and like what they're offering, take them up on it!!! You can also buy CD's with Internet-ready graphics done in ".GIF" & ".JPG (.JPEG)" formats. If you'd like a custom graphic or logo, contact us and we'll see if you can create the look you're looking for!

A few things to keep in mind…

Graphics, while appealing to the eye, cause the fill-in rate of the page to slow tremendously. Your target audience may get tired of waiting for a graphic to come in and exit your site. However, there are a few simple rules to follow which will reduce graphic related problems.

1. Never put graphics at the very top of a page---put text! If you follow this rule, the visitor can be reading the text while waiting for the graphics to fill in.

2. Never use graphics to replace text---use it to complement! Some people choose to "surf" without images in order to save time. Therefore, always link to text. See sample below:


3. Keep size in mind! The larger the graphics file, the longer it takes to come in. The graphics you see on this page are relatively small. These are ".gif" formatted files which are commonly used for linework, or artwork that is made up of very few colors. Another format is available for graphics that consist of many colors (usually photographs) which is called ".jpeg" or ".jpg". These are generally much larger in size!

4. It is a good idea to place the graphics that you are using within the same directory as your .htm (text) files.